This broad line of metal and wood cremation urns is found to meet the high standards of product quality, style and uniqueness that Private Label clients expect. We do not offer these products simply to gain your business, as many can offer the models for similar or lower prices. The charter of Private Label is to earn your confidence in our model, the ongoing mission to help you develop your businesses.

Birch Photo Box

Birch Photo Box

Cherry Photo Box

Cherry Photo Box

Black Brass Keepsake

Black Brass Keepsake

Black Brass

Black Brass

Blue Essence

Blue Essence Keepsake

Blue Essence Keepsake

Bronze Flag Army

Bronze Flag Air Force

Bronze Flag Marines

Bronze Flag Navy

Brown Token

Brown Token Keepsake

Classica Keepsake

Classica keepsake



Classic Pink Rose

Classic Pink Rose Keepsake


Eaton Keepsake

Eternal Brass

Eternal Brass Keepsake

Flair Copper

Flair Copper

Flair Copper Keepsake

Fresh Flight

Fresh Flight Keepsake

Golden Memory

Golden Memory Keepsake

Imperial Onyx Blue keepsake

Imperial Onyx Blue keepsake

Imperial Onyx Blue

Imperial Onyx Green

Imperial Onyx Green Keepsake

Inlaid Blocks

Inlaid Block

Living Legend

Living Legend Keepsake


Magic Keepsake

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl & Keepsake


Ruby Keepsake

Salem Blue

Salem Blue with Keepsake


Sensation Keepsake

Serenity Antique White

Serenity Cashmere Gray

Signature Ebony & white keepsake

Signature Ebony & White

Silver Birds keepsake

Silver Birds

Solitude Crucifix

Square Walnut

Tribute Blue Onyx  keepsake

Tribute Blue Onyx

Windsor Cherry Finished Clock

Windsor clock urn insert