Ordering Information

Factory Direct Ordering

Container Option

In order to get the very best pricing on casket purchases, orders may be placed for containers of 64 units delivered direct from the factory. It is best to have a loading/unloading dock at your facility for the easiest handling of product, but it is not absolutely necessary.  With direct container purchases, there is a short window of two (2) hours within which the container must be unloaded.  Terms of sale on container orders are 30% down payment, 70% when container is delivered. But this option offers the very best price on all products.  Expect delivery approximately 90 days after receipt of order. The price noted as “Container Landed” includes all freight charges to your door. Mixing of wood and metal product on one container is discouraged, but possible. Mixing adds two to three weeks for delivery. Buchanan Group, Private Label accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Checks. Wire transfer of funds are also available for your convenience.

Inventory Control

Order date to delivery date takes an average of 70-90 days depending on manufacturer. Keep in mind the highest volume months are October thru April when ordering. Additionally, all factories are closed during the month of February each year. December 10th of each year is the last day to place orders for January shipment. Container orders will be accepted and processed anytime, even during the February closing.  However production will not start until March 1st.

Pre-planning is imperative to assure casket availability to your clients. Containers of wood or metal caskets are 64 units per container.

Share a Container

Partial container orders are available through our “Share a Container Program”. This program allows for a Distributor to buy a minimum quantity of caskets at Container Landed prices. Another Distributor may share a container, or Buchanan Group may also contribute to the container while restocking warehouses. How does this work –

You may order a partial container from the factory at “Container Landed” price, have another distributor buy the remainder of that container. The container will be shipped to one of the distributors that has order product, the second distributor must arrange for pickup of their portion once the container is delivered.

Another option is to order a partial container and Private Label will order the remainder of that container. This container will be delivered to a Private Label warehouse. Distributor is to arrange for pickup of their portion from the warehouse, or we can arrange shipment immediately upon receipt.

Keep in mind the lead time is 90 days from order date.

Private Label Supported Warehouses

Private Label has established a network of warehouses to support the growing demand of the Core Line product. See Core Line casket catalog or refer to our price list under FOB for clarification. Purchases from the Private Label warehouses can be made in any quantity.  Being a distribution oriented business, Private Label has designed a system to efficiently ship truckload volume, normally a minimum of thirty-three (33) units.  However, any order quantity is accepted and combined with other orders for efficient delivery.  Clients who can pick up product at our warehouse may pick up any quantity.  Warehouse locations are accessible by major interstate highways, allowing for minimal delivery time.

Private Label Indianapolis
2525 Western Select Dr.
Building #60
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Private Label Charlotte
126 Elm Street
Spindale, NC 28160
Private Label Atlanta
Expeditors Distribution
2529 Old Anvil Block Road
Ellenwood, GA 30294
Private Label Lebanon
22810 Perimeter Lane
Lebanon, MO 65536
Private Label Cinnaminson
875 Industrial Highway
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Private Label Knoxville
210 Bell Street
Knoxville, TN 37915
Private Label Bastrop
5010 Oakley Road
Bastrop, LA 71220

Contact Private Label Customer Service for pickup or estimated freight charges on delivery of your casket orders. Email your orders to [email protected] or call 317-454-7070. Inventory in each warehouse is balanced monthly, feel free to suggest any additional models that will support your Distributorship in the warehouse near you.

Although Private Label suggests container ordering as the most cost efficient, distributorships can order and we can ship via common carrier. Freight charges will be communicated before shipping. Our freight rates are some of the most competitive in the industry. Inventory stock reports are available from each warehouse. Call customer service if interested in receiving these on a regular basis.

Distributor Credit Line Program

Designed for Efficient Distributor Cash Flow. Private Label provides credit lines for qualified Distributors. Credit lines are established based on an evaluation of the client’s credit history and financial strength. A Client Profile is requested from all new clients. Payment Terms on all established lines of credit are Net 30 Days.

Product Liability Insurance

Private Label holds a $2 million dollar product liability insurance on any defects or product failure that may occur. This policy covers all products. This assures all customers that Buchanan Private Label stands behind all products.

Supporting our Distributors and their Funeral Home customers is of the utmost importance to Private Label and the Buchanan Group. If a claim occurs, please contact your Regional Business Consultant or Customer Service at 317-454-7070.

Casket Damage Precautions

Maintaining quality and minimizing casket damage is very important to our Distributors and to The Buchanan Group.  Private Label caskets are inspected by qualified U.S. trained inspectors before they leave port. Additionally, Buchanan Group has enlisted industry packaging professionals to ensure caskets are packed for safe, secure delivery. Further, all components of casket packaging are recyclable, and we encourage all our Distributors to participate in recycling. As noted on shipping box, do not use forklifts when moving caskets.

We urge all Distributors to adhere to the following guidelines concerning handling of caskets. These guidelines are a result of first hand experiences in our own warehouses. The less you move caskets, the less possibility of damage occurring.

1. Caskets, although packed securely, need to be gently handled. DO NOT walk on top or sides of boxed or unboxed caskets.

2. REFRAIN from dropping caskets. This sounds like an obvious statement, but most claims of casket damage result from dropping on hard surfaces. Solid wood caskets specifically are heavy, dropping even a few inches from the ground can loosen or crack the components of caskets. As a Distributor this means loss of profit and delayed deliveries. We encourage rolling carts, and additional help if available to move caskets. Forklifts are to be avoided.

3. Private Label DISCOURAGES excessive stacking. Shipping or storage should be upright, but we suggest you use your own judgement at your facility as to the best storage process for your inventory. Secure casket shipment properly while being transported. Straps or adjustable bars will prevent tipping, and sliding of caskets. Blankets are used as a buffer between unboxed caskets minimizing unsightly “rubs” through the finish. Private Label when applicable will ask the Distributor to sign off on “unboxed” prepped caskets when picking up from the warehouses. This “sign off” states the Distributor is agreeing that the casket is in good sellable condition upon leaving our warehouse. Any damage occurring from this point is the responsibility of the Distributor.

4. Private Label’s damage rate is very low, but if a claim occurs, most specifically on boxed container orders, there is a procedure for reimbursement. We require proof of damage in the form of a picture, digital is preferred but hard copy will suffice. Damage reports and photos are emailed to [email protected] or faxed to the Private Label fax number at 317-731-5710. Without a good photo of the damage for every unit affected, we cannot process a credit or accept any responsibility for loss.