Partner Showcase – Scott Funeral Home

Partner Showcase – Scott Funeral Home

Scott Funeral Home has been serving southern Indiana for 86 years with Billy and Aaron Scott being 4th generation owners. They have seen many changes in the landscape of the funeral business with one of the biggest changes being a national competitor entering the market 6 years ago. Billy said “Many of the local funeral homes just rolled over and died.” That was not the case with Scott Funeral Home. Instead, they adapted their business by adding a new cost sensitive brand – Legacy Funeral Center, which is a direct competitor of the new funeral home.

Scott Brothers -Billy (left) Aaron (right) (cropped-2)

In 2001, the Scott’s opened a state-of- the art funeral center which features a large aquarium in the foyer. This concept is very unique in an area in which many funeral homes are still in larger older homes. They are projecting that they will serve 400 families this year between the Scott and Legacy locations.

Three years ago the Scott brothers conducted an audit of their business and looked at everything from insurance, to fleet, to casket providers to see where they could improve operations as well as save on the bottom line. Billy said that they knew that Kenny Howe with Holman-Howe Funeral Homes was using Private Label Caskets and were very happy. They decided to visit with them and learn more about Private Label. After spending a few days with them they realized this was the best business decision for their company. Next, Billy and Aaron, along with their father visited Buchanan Group in Indianapolis and had a chance to tour the Private Label warehouse. Billy said this really solidified their decision to go with Private Label. He went on to say that he would encourage anyone that is considering going with Private Label to visit the Indianapolis warehouse. “It was really a no brainer to go with Private Label. The quality of the caskets are incredible and the process has been seamless,” said Billy.

Today Scott Funeral Home not only uses Private Label caskets within their own funeral homes but also serves as a distributor for other funeral homes in the area. If you have questions regarding Private Label caskets feel free to reach out to the Scott brothers or better yet go visit with them and see how they have successfully implemented Private Label Caskets into their business model.

To schedule a tour of the Private Label Warehouse in Indianapolis contact Michelle or Ashley at 317-454-7070.



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