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Private Label Caskets have value built in no matter how you view the product.
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Our Manufacturing Partners Are ISO Certified and Compete Globally

As global economies merge, it is important to realize that high quality products are being made around the world. We have committed to partnering with the very best manufactures that can offer high quality at a cost which allows us to compete globally. Private Label’s primary metal product manufacturer/partner is ISO certified and makes products that pass the rigid quality testing of US domestic auto makers. The goal of style and quality are achieved to the level of any luxury automobile.

Similar industries such as furniture, textiles and automotive have transitioned to the advantages in global manufacturing.

Casket quality is better than ever and continues to improve both in design and structure. The “Big” two domestic casket manufacturers have import ties either for parts or full assembly. They, too, have seen the advantages.

Consider one of the key elements of the casket design, the painting process and color. The base coat/clear coat system is comparable to US auto finishes backed by ISO stringent specifications.

Domestically, certain casket lines are more price competitive. Our blend of domestic and import caskets are competitive, strategically researched and priced for quality and availability.

Added Value – Separates Private Label from the Competition

Quality Inspection Prior To Shipment – Private Label has worked directly with the factories to establish competent, on site quality inspection teams that are is permanently located at the manufacturing facilities to assure absolute conformity to the build standards before the casket is packaged and shipped. The QC team inspects fit, finish, and proper specs per our Private Label Core Line offering. Casket quality before leaving port is imperative to the overall success of the program, minimizing the cost of rejects and re-processing after receipt. Our objective is to deliver the quality caskets you are used to, worry free to your destination.

Seven Supportive Private Label Warehouses – The Private Label brand is committed to the support of the distributor network through well stocked and strategically located warehouses. Currently, these master warehouses are located in Indianapolis, Atlanta, Knoxville, Cinnaminson, Lebanon, and Charlotte. The Core Line offering is generously stocked at each warehouse. Each model is closely monitored for re-ordering to assure little or no stock-outs. While our distributor program is based on ordering volume quantities that can be placed directly with the manufacturing plants, we are committed to our warehousing program in order to provide a back-up to the distributor network should the need arise to place short lead time orders with the warehouses. Primary, higher quantity orders are placed in container quantities and are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the distributor. This provides for the best distributor pricing.

It should be noted that many competitors follow a “Dump and Run” strategy. No backup inventory for their container clients. Predicting demand can at times be difficult. Private Label’s warehousing program eases the uncertainty of product demands with ample inventory stocked domestically to support the distributor. Once again, we are committed to having the caskets you want, when you need them.

Advertising, Marketing & Sales Support – Supporting our distributors in effectively growing their business in their respective territories is very important. We achieve this by offering marketing, advertising and sales training. Our design team will deliver “print ready” PDF’s for your desktop printing needs. Email marketing campaigns are also available. One litho product binder and six catalogs are free to our Distributors. Additional materials are always available and priced as a pass through for your convenience. Sales support is offered at no cost to our distributors. Visiting funeral homes with your sales force is not only effective, but educational. Knowing the factual points of import caskets dispels the rumors and increases sales.

Private Label Product Liability Insurance – Private Label stands behind every casket sold from our warehouses or through our distributors. A $2 million product liability insurance coverage is maintained. Specific details are available upon request.

As you review our metal and wood casket features below, be assured you are backed by the funeral industry’s best, The Buchanan Group.

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