Wood Casket Storage and Handling

Wood Casket Storage and Handling

Here are some thoughts on wood casket storage and handling . . .

Private Label is in its eighth year of sourcing alternative, import merchandise to offer clients more economical yet high quality products . . . and allow families to focus more on the ceremonial services that highlight the life of the deceased. One of the most important areas of focus and where we have learned the most is in warehousing. Yes, Private Label carries thousands of units of inventory and warehouses around the country, and much care needs to be taken to preserve the inventory in as-manufactured condition. In the summertime, that become increasing important for the wood casket product line. Private Label will gladly work with clients to examine and assess the warehousing options being used. Follow these important tips with regard to wood casket inventory:

  • It is recommended that wood caskets remain kept in their original packaging units so that they retain its pristine condition.
  • Be careful with the quality of the warehouse environment, ensuring a steady temperature and avoiding excessive humidity.
  • Microfiber cloth is recommended for use on all wood product to avoid unnecessary scratch or swirl marks appearing from standard cleaning materials.
  • Commercial Pledge is a recommended sage cleaner for all wood product
  • Avoid using any cleaning products that are abrasive and ammonia based to avoid immediate damage to the product.
  • Keeping wood product packaged up to the time of use protects the product from potential damage that can occur in a storage or warehouse setting; minimizes dust and debris build up prior to use; helps protect from the various weather elements such as excessive heat, humidity, cold or extremely dry conditions.
  • Wood display units should be rotated in the showroom on a consistent basis; every 60 days is a favorable timeline.

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