Team Members

Our success depends on the strength of our team. While there is a talent base within our group that has been developed both from within and from outside the funeral industry, bringing a very diverse set of expertise, our focus is entirely on the client. The goal is to offer the very best, partnering with the best, so we can be the best.

Bruce Buchanan Bruce Buchanan
Fourth-Generation Owner
Carlos Figueroa Carlos Figueroa
Senior Vice President
(317) 396-2525
Maureen Lindley Maureen Lindley
Vice President of Marketing
(317) 362-7691
Kenny Ross Kenny Ross
VP of Business Development
(317) 650-7882
Michelle LaPan Michelle LaPan
Director of PL Operations
(317) 716-9498
Sharon Myers Sharon Myers
Regional Sales Consultant
(812) 595-4938
Donna Pontone Donna Pontone
Regional Sales Consultant
(609) 516-5571
Jonathan Dous Jonathan Dous
Regional Sales Consultant
(609) 929-4039
Ashley Bercaw Ashley Bercaw
Customer Service Consultant
(317) 503-0830
Jeff Smith Jeff Smith
Warehouse Personnel
(317) 454-7070
Nick Mulinaro Nick Mulinaro
Warehouse Personnel
(317) 454-7070
Skky Viera Skky Viera
Warehouse Personnel
(317) 454-7070