Who We Are

The Buchanan family has been part of the funeral profession since 1881. From one location we have grown to be the largest privately owned funeral provider in Indiana. In our 140 years of service, we have kept pace with the changing times and changing needs of families by innovating with additional service offerings, cemeteries, event venues, and more. Our needs changed over those years too. Annual casket manufacturer price increases, combined with the annual game of negotiating “discounts,” made us believe there must be a better way to ensure we are offering families the best possible value with our overall pricing.

Founding Private Label

In 2008, Private Label was founded. Larger corporations with more buying power and the rising casket manufacturers prices put independent funeral and cremation providers at a disadvantage.

After careful research and attention to detail, we started making our own caskets. This significantly cut our costs without sacrificing the quality our families had come to expect.

Many of our colleagues in the profession became aware of what a positive impact this had on our family run business and became customers of the Private Label brand. This allowed them to better serve their families. In some cases, it has allowed them to add a new line of business as a casket distributor to their family enterprise.

The Name Private Label

We call our product line Private Label because we’re here to serve you, not create another large casket business. That’s an important distinction. First and foremost, we are funeral professionals.

Our beautiful caskets are designed by our team in Indianapolis and built overseas by skilled craftspeople. In fact, our standards of production are so high, we back each casket with a $2 million dollar liability policy.

Private Label has grown to have anywhere from 6,000 to 7,000 caskets on hand at nine strategically located warehouses around the country. We can deliver caskets anywhere from Seattle, Washington to Washington DC. More than that, Private Label has regional business consultants to meet with you and help you work out a customized plan that works best for your operation.

We believe there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, out there matching our level of quality, affordability, and service support. These are products you can be proud of and built into every model are the keys to improving your profitability. See what professionals using Private Label have to say.

Interested in learning more? Let’s have a conversation and learn how we can work together to grow your business.